Looking back at PlanningCamp Philly

We had a great time at PlanningCamp Philly last weekend. The Philly planning and civic tech community is awesome–we had 130 people for 33 sessions, ranging from Making Infrastructure Sexy, to How to Keep Philly Millennials Here and Engaged, to a demo of OpenPlans’ alpha version of our Plan In A Box software.

You can peruse all the session notes here and here’s a Storify and photos.

We’d love to convene another PlanningCamp Philly next year, so stay tuned for details.

One idea for future camps, prompted by an awesome kid who came with her mom, is sessions for children. As a parent, I know that it’s often hard to get to “extra curricular” events, especially when it means giving up a weekend day with your kid. With PlanningCamp, Jr., my son would get to see what mommy does, have fun with other kids, and participate in a planning a playground or school. What do you think?