New in Shareabouts: helping everyone get their input on the map

Shareabouts and Plan In A Box are constantly getting better, with large and small changes rolling out each week. Here’s a small but important improvement we just made to Shareabouts: helping users get their input on the map, even if they’re unfamiliar with online maps.

Over the past few months, we noticed a persistent issue on Shareabouts maps where some locations will be incorrectly located. From user testing, we’ve observed that there are a few people who don’t realize the map can be dragged around before adding a place.

To help address this, we’ve added a new prompt that warns users if they are leaving a submission without moving the map first. Until the map is dragged, this message won’t clear and the place can’t be added. We have thoughts about making the message more fun and maybe more prominent, but we want to see how users get on with it first.


This feature is live in the latest version of Shareabouts. Check out all the recent additions to Shareabouts over on GitHub.

If you’d like to work with us to use Shareabouts, we offer a monthly subscription. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you gather public input and use it in your projects. 

Developers, if you’d like to try Shareabouts on your own, get started here