Using Shareabouts for the Our Miami Public Space Challenge

The 2nd Our Miami Public Space Challenge launched this week.

Photo: Project for Public Spaces.

Do you have great ideas for creating new and improving existing public space in Miami-Dade County? The Miami Foundation and partners want to find those ideas, discuss them, and fund some of them. And as with 2013’s Challenge, they’re using Shareabouts to help them do it. Check out the site at

Last year, some of the winning projects were: creating a park for people with mental and physical challenges that would encourage fitness by playing music powered by the use of exercise equipment; transforming an empty lot into a new public green space; and installing a community chalkboard for local residents to connect through artistic expression.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 2.53.07 PMWe’ve made some improvements to Shareabouts for 2014’s Challenge. In addition to submitting ideas, making comments, and showing support, participants can now filter and sort all the ideas on the site, as well as get a confirmation email when they submit an idea. The Our Miami judges can sign in to review, discuss and vote on their favorite ideas. And, integration with the crowd-resourcing site ioby means that when participants want to try to raise funds for their ideas themselves they can show their progress right on the Our Miami site. All that, and it’s more mobile-friendly than ever.

Want to use Shareabouts? We offer a monthly subscription. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you gather public input and use it in your projects. 

Photo: Project for Public Spaces.