Heart Plan In A Box

Another week, another slew of updates to Plan In A Box

First, a security note: we want your Plans to be Open, but not your passwords. Like most of the web this week, the Heartbleed security vulnerability affected the certificates that keep Plan In A Box accounts safe. We changed the certs on Wednesday, and everything is secure again. Feel free to change your password.

new look

More positively, we added support for attachments for events. Want to share those meeting notes? Just drag and drop your files. Images get little thumbnails. Events now get proper dates. And you can tell people what’s coming up next – we know that a common question when visiting a planning website is, “what’s going on?”, so we’re working on getting that info easy to find.

Finally, we’re powering through a much-improved visual editor for your projects — featuring more obvious prompts, making it easier to see what remains to be filled out. It’ll be live early next week, along with some other changes to the workflow of making your project page.

Also, isn’t “Plan In A Box” a terrible mouthful? We think so too. Stay tuned.

Check out these new features and tell us what you think!