OpenBlock powers neighborhood news for the Columbia Daily Tribune

NeighborhoodsCongratulations to the Columbia Daily Tribune for their new Neighborhoods section, built on OpenBlock. Their community of readers have a powerful new way to explore local news and events. And the open source community benefits too – the Tribune team are sharing all their code on Github.

Neighborhoods builds on the local news engine in OpenBlock to provide list and map views of news, events, police and fire department activity, open houses, local government information, and more for Columbia and Boone County in Missouri. Readers can view entries for the entire county, or save specific neighborhoods as a favorites. They are also encouraged to submit their own neighborhood events and ideas.

OpenPlans worked with the Columbia Daily Tribune in the initial phases of this project with support from the Knight Foundation, as part of our work on open sourcing the EveryBlock project (more about that in this blog post). If you’re interested in using OpenBlock, the code is on Github, and you’ll find helpful people on the mailing list.