Using Shareabouts for Vision Zero in New York City

Vision Zero Street ViewSince Mayor de Blasio announced the Vision Zero initiative earlier this year, the NYC Department of Transportation has convened public workshops in each of the five boroughs, with more to come. In an effort to ensure the department hears from everyone who wants to comment on street safety issues, NYC DOT worked with OpenPlans on a crowdsourcing map that serves as a complement to the live meetings.

NYC DOT is asking New Yorkers to comment on intersections where the following dangerous conditions exist: not enough time to cross; double parking; long wait to cross; red-light running; jaywalking; poor visibility; speeding; long distance to cross; failure to yield to pedestrians; and cyclist behavior. As you’ll see on the map, thousands of locations have already been noted. Where an issue has already been noted by someone else, you can comment, or click to show your agreement.

Intersection view in the Vision Zero toolThe Vision Zero collaborative map is powered by OpenPlans’ Shareabouts. This version of Shareabouts incorporates Google Street View, so when you click on the intersection, you’ll actually see what it looks like and be able to place your marker exactly where you want to note a problem.

The map also displays information about where pedestrian fatalities have occurred and which streets are major pedestrian crash corridors. Add your observations to help New York City achieve Vision Zero.