Coming soon: OpenPlans for teams, and a bird’s-eye view of all your projects

Since launching our refreshed editor interface for OpenPlans pages, we’re turning to some major improvements for larger organizations. If you’re using OpenPlans with others or in a city, these changes are for you. Stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.40.08 PM

Working alone is no fun! With teams, you’ll be able to share editing and project management duties with others in your office.

All your projects in one place
For each organization, a public roundup page will provide an up-to-date, informative overview of all projects. Information you’ve already created for projects will be aggregated, to give residents the big picture about projects city-wide.

We’re very excited about roundup pages. Imagine increasing engagement with some civic upselling — “if you care about this project, did you know about…”.

A project roundup page from OpenPlans

Roundup pages will provide new ways for residents to discover, track and get involved with projects close to home.  With no additional effort, all your future, current and past initiatives can be searched and filtered, by neighborhood, stage of work, date, and type of project. Your event calendar will be filled with the right info about events, and visitors can manage their alerts for projects of different types. Cool stuff. And we have a lot more features like this in mind…

If you want to give feedback on an early version of these features, get in touch. You can check out our roadmap for OpenPlans features on Trello.