Always know how your collaborative map is going

When you use OpenPlans for a collaborative map, we make sure you know how many people are engaging and what they’re saying. Staying on top of your community input is very important, so we’re rolling out new features to keep you informed. From today, just look at your dashboard.

OpenPlans dashboard


All Shareabouts maps come with a dashboard showing you the latest – how many locations, comments and support clicks.  Plus, a useful measure of unique contributors, which is helpful in understanding the spread of your participants.

If you upgrade your plan to involve our amazing support team, we’ll give you even more — daily summaries of activity by district and topic, and custom reports on demand breaking down your data in all the ways you need it. We’ll also add custom widgets to your dashboard, showing the most helpful stats in real time.

We’re very excited about the dashboard and we have more to come. Up next, a view of all written comments and survey responses. You’ll be able to filter, sort, and moderate everything you’re collecting.