Start collecting community input in minutes with new OpenPlans maps

Our community input maps have helped thousands of people give input about the streets they know and use everyday. Now, we’re making those maps really easy to set up.

With a few clicks, you can use OpenPlans to create a plan with one of our high-quality, proven map templates. Start collecting input on bike share locations, street safety, neighborhood issues, and bike parking.

Making a new project in OpenPlans

The maps work great on desktop and mobile, and you can add text, images and a project timeline down below your map. The templates were informed by our recent work with NYC DOT, Chicago DOT, and other great project partners. See who else is using OpenPlans.

You can set up your OpenPlans project as a fully-functional trial. Once you’re happy with it, upgrade for continued use. You can pay monthly or upfront.

Give us your feedback on these templates and help us decide which ones to create next! Log in to get started.