Happy GeoWeek

#GeoWeek is a celebration of all things geographic, promoted by the National Geographic Society.

If your celebrations this week tend towards working on an open source geo application, check out Shareabouts. We’re always happy to help new contributors get started over at community.openplans.org, and we have a long list of potential new features. GeoWeek or not, we always welcome participation in building our open tools.

An especially interesting component for GeoWeek 2014 is a partnership with OpenStreetMap to host a number of mapping events around the country. OpenStreetMap, like open source projects, thrives and succeeds when people actively contribute toward development, whether through providing data, ideas, or advocacy.

Host an OSM mapping party or find one happening near you. Whether you’re just getting started or an expert, you have plenty of options. So stop reading, and start participating!