Fox River Trail Connections

Collecting bike trail feedback

With a new template, we’re helping collect feedback about favorable and unfavorable biking conditions.

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is doing a feasibility study for a new bike trail in northeastern Illinois. The study will identify potential routes, and after analysis recommend the appropriate type of bicycle facility. Check out the project at

To inform the study, cyclists can use an OpenPlans map to provide four types of input – favorite destinations, desirable and undesirable bike routes, and difficult crossings. Our new bike trail plan template also includes questions about home municipality and other demographic info, to help the planners know who is engaging. As input comes in, the project team can explore all shared locations and comments via their dashboard. And like all OpenPlans maps, the site works great on desktop or mobile.

Table view is here!

Hot on the heels of our new dashboard, we’re introducing a new table view. Find table view on your Plans page, via the Dashboard link.

Everything contributed on your map is here, making it easy to see what people are adding. You can see places and comments, in a searchable, sortable view. Want to moderate a comment or submitted place? Uncheck the visibility box to hide it. For more intensive data work, click to download your data for offline analysis.


Meet our new street safety map

We just launched a new map template for OpenPlans: street safety. Based on the input categories used by NYCDOT for Vision Zero, this map helps you collect input on common street safety issues from people who know the streets best. Gather useful data, and engage communities as participants in guiding plans.

Making a new project in OpenPlans

Start collecting community input in minutes with new OpenPlans maps

Our community input maps have helped thousands of people give input about the streets they know and use everyday. Now, we’re making those maps really easy to set up. With a few clicks, you can use OpenPlans to create a plan with one of our high-quality, proven map templates. Start collecting input on bike share locations, street safety, neighborhood issues, and Read more…