Demos from OpenPlans at APA 2014

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The conference season is starting up again after the summer hiatus, and Team OpenPlans will be hitting the road throughout September. Come see us at one of the following gatherings –

Visualizing transit accessibility, minute by minute

OpenTripPlanner Analyst turns the multi-modal power of OpenTripPlanner into an analytical toolbox for exploring accessibility. If you missed it, here's an excellent primer from Andrew Byrd about the capabilities and future potential of this tool. And fresh from the lab, here's the first-cut of an animation of accessibility in the New York City area:

from Design Envy: MTA Bus Time

But New York has five boroughs, and the subway only goes to four of them. Now Staten Islanders can get their blood pressure lowered, too, thanks to MTA Bus Time—brought to my attention by Cat, one of our designers (and a Staten Islander herself). Bus Time uses GPS data to let you know how far away the next bus is whether you Read more…

Submit updates to OpenStreetMap

Did your trip not reflect the world as you know it? Since we launched and, users have alerted us to bike infrastructure that exists in the real world but isn't showing up on the map. They've noted locations where the map lacks on-street bike paths, trails and other features. OpenTripPlanner's routing engine is powerful and fast, but it Read more…