Liberating Data at Journalism Data Camp NY

I spent last Friday at ScraperWiki’s Journalism Data Camp NY, hosted at the Columbia School of Journalism. ScraperWiki is a really interesting project. There is a lot of data on the web that isn’t readily machine-readable. Turning this data into something that can be made more useful to the public – for example, by putting it Read more…

Catch OpenPlans at #TRBAM

Heading to the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting? We’ll be there. Here’s where you can catch us: Curious about web tools or social media in planning? Frank Hebbert is presenting about web-based planning tools on Sunday at 1:30pm, at “Incorporating Web-Based Tools into Transportation Practices” (session 156, at the Marriott) Want to find out more about Read more…

OpenPlans’ Projects and Staff Featured on NYC 2.0

OpenPlans was on TV! WNYC’s “NYC 2.0: The Travelers” took a glimpse at the projects and initiatives that are being developed here at OpenPlans, and the philosophy and guiding light behind it all. Fast forward to 11:00 to see Jeff Maki explain our involvement with MTA’s Bus Time, followed by interviews with our founder and Chairman, Read more…

GovFresh Awards 2011 – Nominate the best and brightest in civic technology

The 2011 GovFresh Awards will honor the most innovative citizen and city and local government technology projects of the year. GovFresh will showcase all of the city and local leadership and great civic technology work that’s been developed throughout the year. Even if projects or people don’t win, it’s an opportunity for the community to Read more…

Tri-Met Regional Trip Planner launches

Transit maps are objects of identities of the city, they spark infinite discussion and, of course, help people get to where they want to go.  For decades, the 2D map was the primary way for a customer to interact with the system. Designers were constrained by the physical limitation and customers were constrained by just Read more…

Civic Commons: Intelligent Cities Interview with Nick Grossman

At the Intelligent Cities Forum, Peter Corbett of iStrategyLabs spoke with Nick Grossman about how OpenPlans, Civic Commons, and Code for America are improving civic technology through transparent and open data and formats.  The end goal? Improving cities.   Check out the video of the interview after the jump:

Study: A Three-Tier System, Utility & Collab for Open Data

Pioneering an open data policy on the government level is not the easiest initiative without support, according to a recent study by the Open Society Institute. It takes various levels of negotiations among parties of the public, elected officials and “civic hackers”. Furthermore, some government administrations are more risk adverse than others, unsure on how to proceed from being closed to being open in the most cost-effective manner. Most seek to replicate best practices from successful initiatives and improve on others through news stories and conferences, but never some thing tangible; a resource guide, such as our own OpenMuni wiki (still in development), would’ve been more purposeful in understanding the processes of unlocking accessible and quality data.

May 6th in SF: The Power of Open APIs for Government

Open data and Open APIs are increasingly powerful vectors for what Tim O’Reilly has called ‘government as a platform.’

That’s why we’re excited about the upcoming Open APIs for Government event being held at San Francisco’s City Hall on May 6 at 6:30pm. We hope to see many of you there for lively discussion of the importance of open government in the era of open data and open source. Read on..