Streetfilms, Moving Beyond English

Streetfilms has had an amazing impact communicating smart urban planning and transportation design through fun-to-watch and high quality short videos. Thanks to Universal Subtitles, which uses crowd sourcing to allow viewers to translate and subtitle videos in most any language, as well as improve upon existing translations, has allowed Streetfilms to beĀ translatedĀ into other languages. The Read more…

Job Opening: Assistant Director, StreetsEducation

Students measuring vehicle speed while learning about math.You know StreetsEducation has been bringing ‘livable streets’ into classrooms and cultural institutions around the city. Maybe you even know Zozo. But you may not know that they have a great opening for an Assistant Director. Full post here.

For someone who cares about education, livable streets, and engaging kids in making their neighborhoods better places, we know this position will be a dream job.