Frank Hebbert


Frank leads the talented OpenPlans team, exploring how technology, planning, citizens, and government come together. He thinks we can make better places and beat climate change with the winning combo of planning, technology and public participation.

Frank holds a Masters in City Planning from MIT. He blogs intermittently on open source planning, tweets slightly more, and is one half of Holobiont. He co-organizes Planning Corps, a network of volunteer planners providing assistance to non-profits.

Contact Frank at @fkh, via frank@openplans.org, or at 212 796-4209.

Recent Posts by Frank Hebbert:

What’s next for OpenPlans in 2015

For over ten years, OpenPlans has been an amazing incubator of people, ideas and projects. Maintaining our deeply-held belief in better cities thanks to technology and participation, we’ve built impactful, well-crafted software – with occasional organizational refreshes along the way. And now it’s time for another. Hold onto your hats! Recently we’ve focused on the challenges of public involvement Read more…

Shareabouts, now with a #HerokuButton

For anyone who wants to set up their own self-hosted Shareabouts map, life gets easier today with our new Deploy to Heroku button. Click the button, and have a standalone Shareabouts map set up for you on Heroku, our preferred hosting choice. This single button click is much easier than running the deploy commands. Once Read more…

Collecting bike trail feedback

With a new template, we’re helping collect feedback about favorable and unfavorable biking conditions.

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is doing a feasibility study for a new bike trail in northeastern Illinois. The study will identify potential routes, and after analysis recommend the appropriate type of bicycle facility. Check out the project at foxrivertrailconnections.org.

To inform the study, cyclists can use an OpenPlans map to provide four types of input – favorite destinations, desirable and undesirable bike routes, and difficult crossings. Our new bike trail plan template also includes questions about home municipality and other demographic info, to help the planners know who is engaging. As input comes in, the project team can explore all shared locations and comments via their dashboard. And like all OpenPlans maps, the site works great on desktop or mobile.