Mjumbe Poe

Software Developer

Mjumbe thrives on working with amazing people on projects that empower others to understand, use, and affect their environments. Before joining OpenPlans Mjumbe was a fellow at Code for America, and before that a research programmer at the University of Pennsylvania working on modeling and simulation tools for the social sciences. He still loves modeling.

Mjumbe has a deep appreciation for fine craftpersonship. He believes above all that people should be allowed the opportunity to do what they’re passionate about. Having been given this opportunity, he endeavors to apply his passion to move humanity forward.

Recent Posts by Mjumbe Poe:

myPhillyRising, GitHub and you

As you might have heard, the Office of the Managing Director in Philadelphia recently launched myPhillyRising.com, which we built. Here’s some more info about tech behind the the app, and what we’re doing to create an engaged community of developers around it.

Engaging Millennials in Planning

I was recently on a panel at the Mobilize.org reGenerate summit in Philadelphia. The summit was organized around the question of “how can Millennials play a more active role in shaping the city’s economic and civic life?” It was wonderful to see so many young people passionate about making their places better. I was especially pleased Read more…

b-roll: Mjumbe is working towards open legislative data

Mjumbe is working on to make legislative data open and useful, by raising awareness within the developer and legislator communities. Many governments datasets are inaccessible or unusable and he’s bringing this to the attention of people who may be able to change that.

Mjumbe Poe at the International Conference on Appropriate Technology

For a couple weeks in November, I was away in and around Pretoria, South Africa attending the International Conference on Appropriate Technology. Appropriate technology is technology that is designed with special consideration to the environmental, ethical, cultural, social and economic aspects of the community it is intended for. During the conference, I helped to organize and facilitate Read more…